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While searching for an article, I ran across an old and familiar poem; one that is so fitting to begin a New Year. As we let go of “2018” and embrace “2019,” let us do so with thankful hearts, aware of the many ways in which our God has blessed us. And let
us with trusting spirits rely upon the goodness of God to help us overcome and persevere through any trial we may called to face in the coming year.

A Recovery Poem By: Marie DiMenna

People recover from illness, from sorrow, from addiction, from acts of violence. People recover from death, from persecution, from divorce, from prejudice. People recover with courage and strength of character. We hope, we dream, we dare to live again.

People recover from abuse, from injury, from injustice, from natural disaster. People recover. We triumph, creating networks of support finding one another in the fabric of community.

People recover from poverty, from trauma, from abandonment, from homelessness. People recover in time with hope. The strength to continue lies within the core of our beings.

We recover with the love and commitment of our sisters and brothers. We recover from fear, from isolation, from imprisonment, from acts of terrorism. We recover. The limitations of yesterday shall not prevent us from seeing and believing in the promise of
a beautiful tomorrow.

We recover from anger, from war, from slavery, from the Holocaust. We recover. The desire to be well shall make us whole again. We recover from hatred, from doubt, from despair, from dishonesty.

We are liberated. We are healed. We find mercy. We seek love. We find grace. We sow seeds of compassion. We acknowledge truth. We witness reconciliation. We devote ourselves to loving one another. We affirm the goodness we see in humanity. God’s blessings and the peace of Christ be with you and yours’ in this New Year.

~ In Christ, Pastor Cheryl Schalm, Minister of Christian Education



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