Council Directory

The St. Paul United Church of Christ Council, our congregation's governing board, includes officers (president, vice presidents, treasurer, and secretary), elders, deacons, and trustees along with our senior pastor who serves as an ex officio voting member. In accordance with our church bylaws, each Council member is elected for a three year term at the annual meeting of the congregation in mid-January. All council members are eligible for re-nomination and re-election to a second three year term for a maximum of six consecutive years of service.

The officers meet on the first Tuesday of every month to prepare a monthly Council agenda. The full Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the West Room of the church. All Council meetings are open to the congregation at large. Church members who wish to make a presentation to the Council or share a concern at the next upcoming meeting are asked to directly contact the Council president.

Under our church bylaws or by custom and agreement, the officers, elders, deacons, and trustees who together comprise the governing Council also have different roles and particular responsibilities as follows:

Officers/ Executive Committee

  • Preside at all Council meetings. (President/ Vice Presidents)
  • Maintain all official church records. (Secretary)
  • Prepare and submit to congregation annual church budget. (President-elect)
  • Monitor church’s monthly expenses and prepare bi-annual financial report to the Congregation. (President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer) Hire staff and annually evaluate staff performance of duties and responsibilities. (President, Vice Presidents)
  • Annually prepare all memoranda of understanding for church staff positions. (President)


  • Along with pastor(s) administer the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • Annually assist pastor(s) in training Council members for the administration of Holy Communion.
  • Assist pastor(s) in worship planning throughout the year.
  • Annually review and update congregational membership rolls.
  • In conjunction with pastor(s), oversee and supervise visiting elder program and outreach to hospitalized and home-bound members.


  • Prepare sanctuary for all worship services.
  • Maintain appropriate order and decorum for all worship services.
  • Recruit, schedule, and supervise greeters, ushers, and acolytes for worship services. Along with the pastor(s), recruit, schedule, and train all lectors.
  • Assist pastor(s) in worship planning throughout the year.


  • Oversee all interior and exterior building maintenance and repair.
  • Oversee maintenance and upkeep of church grounds and gardens.
  • Annually review all church service contracts and agreements.
  • As authorized by the Council, represent the congregation in all legal matters.

Senior Pastor

  • Attends all Executive Committee and Church Council meetings.
  • Assists, supports, and advises officers, elders, deacons, and trustees.
  • Leads annual leadership retreat for all Council members.
  • Annually installs new Council members.