Privacy Policy

In developing and maintaining our website for St. Paul United Church of Christ, we go by an unofficial policy with respect to insertion of personal information.

Our church website has groups of people that may be listed or referred to, including staff, adult and youth members.  Information of concern includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and photos. Home addresses will not be posted online.

  • For our staff members, we include names, email addresses (office emails), and office phone numbers. No home phone numbers are listed online. It is important that people be able to contact the staff. That access being provided through the church office during normal office hours.
  • For our adult members, we list names when they are a contact for some group or activity that we are covering on the website. We do not list email addresses unless they have specifically given permission. We do not list home phone numbers. Our Church members have the church directory or can call the office for phone numbers.
  • For our youth and children, we do not list full names, but at most the first name and initial of the last name. We also do not list email addresses or phone numbers. Photo captions do not include full names and most often do not include names at all. This is more to protect them from the dangers of individuals that can and do use the Internet to contact and take advantage of young people.

    More specific areas of our site have additional guidelines.

  • When using photos of events, members, etc. online, either directly on the website or in our photo albums we use maintain the following guidelines.
  • Photos are normally of people in public spaces and public events.
  • We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo. Applying other parts of our general privacy policy, we do not use full names of children or youth as captions with photos.
  • We will gladly provide credit for whomever took a particular photo if desired by the photographer, and we would certainly honor any copyright wishes or restrictions.
  • We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request. If you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, we would be glad to do so. Contact our church office at 313-291-1221.

St. Paul United Church of Christ has a printed member and ministry directory with names, addresses, email, etc. which is only available to members and friends of our Church. Our directory is periodically updated in print and obtainable at the church. To request a copy, or to add your information to this directory, contact the church office. This directory is not available online.

This site may contain links to other external web sites. If you use any of the external links, you will be directed to a site which is not covered by our privacy policies. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected on the St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor website.

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes only the domain name, user-specific information on what pages  accessed or visited, but not the email address of visitors to our Web page.  This is only to be used to improve the content of our Website.

rev. Jan/2023