September 11, 2022

Livestreamed and Sanctuary Worship
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor, Michigan
Rally Sunday, September 11, 2022


PRELUDE   “Sunshine in My Soul,” Organist, Sally Sigman


Leader:  We remember, O, God

People:  The countless saints of history who have blazed a trail of courage through time.

Leader:  We remember, O, God

People:  The gentle strength of grandmothers, the blessing of his Spirit, the reminder of his        

               words, the sharing of his suffering, the glory of his resurrection: shown forth in the

               lives of his disciples, young and old, dead and living, articulate and silent, strange

               and familiar, familiar and ordinary.

Leader:  We remember in every time and place the people of God who have shown us the Lord.

All:         Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us worship God with  



Pastor: The peace of Christ be with you. Congregation: And also with you!

OPENING HYMN No. 190  “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus” Hymn Leader, Tracy Hoffman


God, our Father, Your Son grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men.  Bless, guide, and govern the children and young people of Your Church by Your Holy Spirit, that they may grow in grace and in the knowledge of your word.  Grant that they may serve You well and usefully, developing their talents not for their own sakes but for the glory of God and the welfare of their neighbor.  Protect and defend them from all danger and harm, giving your holy angels charge over them; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


 ANNOUNCEMENTS Pastor Schalm & Cali Staten

ANTHEM “Standing in the Need of Prayer,” Chancel Choir

SCRIPTURE READING Matthew 19:13-14 Lector: Angel Staten

HOMILY “Let the Children Come,” Pastor Schalm


SCRIPTURE READING Proverbs 22:6, Lector: Drake Dykowski

HOMILY “Train & Gain,” Pastor Schalm

PARENTS PRAYER Kari Cappello and Parents

Almighty God, who has ordained the home to be the center of Christian training, give us by Your Holy Spirit the humility, the wisdom, the courage, and the love necessary to bring up our children in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To this end, we implore You, help us to continue in Your Word, to teach diligently to our children, to work together with our church as it aids us to fulfill our responsibility: through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen.

SCRIPTURE READING James 2:14-24, Lector: Anthony Staten

HOMILY “Faith and Works,” Pastor Schalm



 Praise God from who all blessings flow; Praise him all creatures here below.

 Praise him above ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen

YOUTH PRAYER  Evelyn Hard and Young People

Heavenly Father, we thank You for our mothers and fathers and pastors and teachers, who teach us Your love in Jesus, who died on the cross to pay for our sins.  Give us a willingness to learn from, and honor and obey our parents, teachers, and pastors out of love for Jesus.  May we show by our lives and words that Jesus lives in us, so that other people may be led to believe in Jesus as their Savior.  We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

SCRIPTURE READING 1 Corinthians 1:26-27, Lector: Hayley Dykowski

HOMILY “Christ’s Church in an Unpredictable World,” Pastor Schalm

CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER John Dykowski and Congregation

Lord God, our spirit is willing to hear your voice and to follow You, but our flesh is weak.  We have not always been eager to hear Your Word nor equip ourselves for service in your kingdom on earth.  For these and all our other sins, forgive us in your mercy.  Endow us with Your Holy Spirit that we may prepare ourselves for Christian service through the study of Your Word.  Help us to see the spiritual needs of every member of this congregation, as well as those who do not yet know the Savior, and fill us with a fervent desire to bring them Your Word through every agency of Christian Education.  Grant that by our service Your name may be hallowed, Your kingdom enlarged, and Your will done; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord.  Amen.

HYMN No. 480 “I Love To Tell The Story”



TEACHERS’ PRAYER Pastor Schalm & Teachers

Lord God, we confess that of ourselves we cannot rightly exercise our office as public teachers of Your Word.  We pray that You would enlighten us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom and discretion, kindness and perseverance, patience and love – and so guide and direct our teaching that the children committed to our charge may be nourished in their Christian faith and equipped for useful service in your kingdom; through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

LORD’S PRAYER (debts, debtors) Ethan Hard and Congregation

CLOSING HYMN  No. 494 “They’ll Know We Are Christians”

BENEDICTION / POSTLUDE  “Jesus Loves the Little Children”





WELCOME TO ALL SHARING TODAY’S SERVICE BOTH IN PERSON AND THROUGH FACEBOOK LIVESTREAMING.  Our 10 a.m. service can be viewed on Facebook at other times as well.  An order of service and the pastor’s full message are downloadable from our church website ( with a video recording of our worship together also posted by Sunday afternoon.

STARTING AT 9:30 A.M. A COFFEE HOUR IMMEDIATELY PRECEEDS THIS MORNING’S SERVICE with coffee, donuts, and other refreshments served.  Come enjoy both refreshments and fellowship.

SUNDAY SCHOOL WILL BE BACK AND ON TRACK NEXT SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18.  All pre-school through fifth grade students will meet in the large classroom, 6th & 7th grade students will meet with Mrs. Lori Rogers and all 8th & 9th grade students will meet with Mrs. Doreen Thompson in the Confirmation classroom.

TRUNK OR TREAT will be held Sunday, October 30 in the circular drive.  Please register your trunk or your family’s participation by signing the sheet located on the upstairs Welcome Center desk or by contacting Pastor Schalm or Sheri Herkimer.  Candy donations can be dropped in the church office or at the Welcome Center desk.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD kicks off on October 30.  Shoe boxes and materials will be available in Fellowship Hall during coffee hour.  For more information, please contact Pastor Schalm. All boxes are due back no later than Sunday, November 20.

ROSE ON THE PULPIT celebrates the birth of Lois Love Rhodes, born August 4, 2022 to Sean Rhodes and Kaitlyn Sanders.  Grandparents:  Mark and Margaret Sanders.  Great-grandparents:  Robert and Ida Black.  Siblings:  Edith and Clara.

OUR ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC FOLLOWS THIS MORNING’S SERVCE with activities for all ages and a buffet lunch served at 11:45 a.m.  A free-will donation is welcomed for the buffet (individualized servings)—just add it to the basket.  Grilled hot dogs, brats, burgers, pasta salad, corn-on-the-cob, chips, and beverages are all on the menu.  Plan on staying for a great meal, activities, and fellowship.  There’s ice cream too.  All are encouraged to maintain thoughtful social distancing in line and with table sitting.  Here’s the schedule:

*9 Worship Set-up *  9:30 Coffee and Donuts * 10 Worship under the Tent
*11 Kids’ Games & Karaoke  11:45 Buffet Lunch * 12:30 Petting Farm
* 1:30 Ice Cream Treats * 2 Clean-Up! (Help is always appreciated!)

RUMMAGE SALE DONATIONS may be dropped off at the church beginning, Tuesday, September 13, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Please use the East door and place your donations on the appropriate Fellowship Hall table as indicated by the signage.  The sale is upcoming, October 6-8.

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY will not meets this week due to a funeral service scheduled for Tuesday morning with Pastor Drutchas officiating.  However, class will resume the following Tuesday, September 20, 10:30 a.m., in the West Room.  Newcomers welcomed!

EXERCISE CLASS meets in West Room, Wednesday, September 14, 10:30 a.m.

WE WILL WELCOME NEW MEMBERS next Sunday, September 18.  Anyone interested in joining St. Paul Church should speak with Pastor Geoff Drutchas (313-291-1221) to arrange your welcome.

CHANCEL CHOIR REHEARSALS are Wednesday evenings, 7 p.m., West Room.  New voices always welcome.  No auditions required.  For more information contact music director, Tracy Hoffman.

NOT FORGETTING THE COVID SPIKE which touched our own congregation this past summer, church members and friends are welcome to mask for sanctuary worship, also making use, if preferred, of several roped pews at our sanctuary’s center.  Masks and hand-sanitizer are available at the entrances to the church. See any Deacon or Usher for assistance.

FELLOWSHIP OF CONCERN: Dan Case, Sally Sigman, Joan Smarr, Neil MacEachern, Glen Sigman, Thelma Poet, Sandi Rose, Al Gunther, Jeff MacZink, Kyle Hard, Jerry Rossi, Eleanor Rossi, Hayden Forsyth, Teri Staffeld, Bob Robinson, Bev Goodell, Jeff Natzke, Sue Spears, Bert Thompson, Karen Collett, Diane St. Louis, Susan Barnard, Marcie Bolen, Raymond Harmon, Steve Matney, Judy Kirsch, Wayne Jones, Margo Charette, Harold Fick, Laverne Roe, Carl Smith, Loretta Kurtsel, David Saalwaechter.  FUNERAL/ MEMORIAL SERVICES: For David Linnert, Tuesday, September 13, 11 a.m., Voran Funeral Home; for Betty Hagerty, Sunday, October 2, 2 p.m. at the Wayne Masonic Temple, 37137 Palmer, Westland, 48186.