Christmas Eve ‘Living Nativity’ Service – 7:00p.m. – Livestreamed and Outdoor Worship

Christmas Eve ‘Living Nativity’ Service
Livestreamed and Outdoor Worship
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor, Michigan
December 24, 2021, 7 p.m.


 SILENT PRAYER (Silent reverence is invited)

 PRELUDE “Christmas Songs of Peace,” Sally Sigman, Organist


 CALL TO WORSHIP Pastors Cheryl Schalm and Geoffrey Drutchas



 SOLO  “From Heaven Above,” Tracy Hoffman, Music Director

 LIVING NATIVITY PAGEANT – “One Night in Bethlehem”

    God is With Us

    CAROL: “What Child Is This?”

    Lighting the Christ Candle – Gracie and Luke Barnosky

    The Angels’ Announcement

    Lighting the Love Candle – Eleanor and Elizabeth Ruffner

    CAROL: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

    The Shepherds Find Jesus

    Lighting the Hope Candle – Angel and Anthony Staten; Paxton Case

    CAROL: “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

    The Wise Men from the East

    CAROL: “We Three Kings”

    Lighting the Joy Candle – Hayley, Drake, and Drew Dykowski

    The Flight into Egypt and Return to Nazareth

    SCRIPTURE: John 1:1-5, 14

    Lighting the Peace Candle – Pastor Schalm

 SOLO “C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S,” Tracy Hoffman

PRAYER FOR RECONCILIATION:  O God, we thank you that you have  

 brought us together tonight to worship Jesus Christ, just as you called so

 many to his manger side on that first star-lit Christmas long ago. This night

 we acknowledge our sin—those ways that we have departed from your

 ways and purposes for our lives.  Open our hearts anew to the way of life

 that your son came to proclaim.  Help us to live as loving, forgiving people

 with compassion and respect for others. Strengthen us to be those men

 and women who in your time and in anticipation of Christ’s ultimate reign

 further reconciliation between God and humankind; between the rich and

 poor of the earth; between husbands and wives, parents and children;

 between humankind and the animal kingdom; between nations, as well as

 between science and faith. Keep this vision of unity in our hearts with a

 faith and determination to help accomplish it.  Amen.

 SACRAMENT OF THE LORD’S SUPPER  Pastors Drutchas and Schalm

Prayer of Consecration / Sharing of Communion Elements / Thanks Prayer


 Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

 Praise Him all creatures here below;

 Praise Him above ye heavenly host;

 Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

 SHARING THE LIGHT OF CHRIST (Congregation seated)

CANDELIGHT HYMN “Silent Night, Holy Night”

LORD’S PRAYER (Acapella) Choir and Congregation

BENEDICTION / POSTLUDE  “Let There Be Peace on Earth”

TONIGHT’S ‘LIVING NATIVITY’ SERVICE IS OUTDOORS with folding chairs brought from home.   If indoors due to rain or other storm, worshipers are asked to mask to ensure everyone’s health and well-being for a safe Christmas together.  The ‘Living Nativity’ Service will be livestreamed on Facebook and later posted at



AN ‘OPEN’ COMMUNION SACRAMENT is offered tonight.  All baptized adults who seek to walk more closely with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are invited to share in the communion elements provided by the elders and ushers tonight.  Those livestreaming worship may make use of communion elements—bread and juice—from their home kitchens.

ABOUT THE ‘SHARING OF THE LIGHT’… Battery-operated candles are available for all worshipers for use at the service’s close. At our pastors’ signal, you are invited to light your candle as we together sing ‘Silent Night,’ followed by the Lord’s Prayer acapella.  You may keep your battery candle or deposit it in the narthex bin.  If worshiping indoors tonight, our deacons and ushers will dismiss the congregation after the benediction one row at a time to avoid aisle congestion.

FOR SANCTUARY WORSHIP OUR CHURCH’S FAMILY ROOM AND ADJOINING LAVATORY, OFF THE NARTHEX, are available for families with children who may briefly need to step away.  Please ask one of the ushers for any necessary assistance. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL WILL TAKE A POST-CHRISTMAS BREAK.  There will be no Sunday School on December 26.  But class resumes the following week, Sunday, January 2.

THE CHRISTMAS FUND ‘VETERANS OF THE CROSS’ OFFERING for Retired UCC Clergy and Lay Persons will be received tonight, Sunday, and online: UCC Christmas Fund, Thank you for your generous support.

THE ANNUAL MEETING OF OUR ST. PAUL CONGREGATION, approving a new budget and electing new Council members, is scheduled for Sunday, January 16, 2022.

FELLOWSHIP OF CONCERN: Beverly Sitz, Vicki Simon, Bill StearsSally and Glen Sigman, Anthony Staten, Romas Family, Loretta Kurtsel, John Kovach, Wayne Jones, Frankie Patterson, Jeff and Maria MacZink, Margo Charette, Mark Krause, Barb Gish, Sarah Kenosian, Fred Block, Marion Bolen, Clifford Board, Bob Robinson, Joseph Smith, Jeffrey Britt, Jerry Rossi, Jeff Natzke, Harold Fick, Laverne Roe, Philip and Connie Linne Alberts, Steve Matney, Gunter Berndl, Sue Spears, Carrie Hill, Neil McEachern, Bert Thompson, Kristin Strawsine, Earl Shutt, Cody Van Hulle, Robert Gaither, Debbie Smitt,  Dale Rose, Kim Chichowicz, Sandy Newton, and Debra Stavros. In Memoriam: Betty Haggerty who passed away last week in Alma, Michigan.