August 09, 2020

Posted by St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor on Sunday, August 9, 2020


Order of Service / Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost
Livestreamed/ Sanctuary/Tabernacle Worship
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor, Michigan
August 9, 2020

“Have Faith in God,” Organist Sally Sigman



Pastor: The peace of Christ be with you.

   Congregation: And also with you!

OPENING PRAYER  Reverend Dr. Geoffrey Drutchas


MORNING SCRIPTURE Philippians 2:1-18; Matthew 19:28-30, Pastor Drutchas

ANTHEM  “I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” Tracy Hoffman

MESSAGE  “Traffic Matters” Pastor Drutchas


LORD’S PRAYER (debts, debtors)

CLOSING ANTHEM “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”



“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus,

I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.

The world behind me, the cross before me, the world behind me, the cross before me,

the world behind me, the cross before me, no turning back, no turning back.

Though none go with me, I still will follow, though none go with me, I still will follow,

though none go with me, I still will follow, no turning back, no turning back.

Will you decide now to follow Jesus, will you decide now to follow Jesus, will you

decided now to follow Jesus?  No turning back, no turning back!


PLEASE PRAY for: Diane Hines, Shirley Gratrix, Elaine Cowper, Ken Kaszubowski, Sue Spears, Tracy Spears, Sue Kren, Kyle Hard, Lois Rice, Glen Sigman, Michelle Mellin, Eileen Herkimer, Shirley Koths, Al Wierzvicki,  Bill Pattenaude, Frank Wolfram, James Natzke Marcie Bolen, Marion Bolen, Diana Wickline, Darlene Babin, Ciera Mack, Shirlen Powell, Loretta Kurtsel, Neil MacEachern, Judy Nieman, Morgan Schalm, Harold Fick,  Sheryl Schwab, Bob Smarr, Doreen Thompson, Cassidy Congelierre, Darlene Wangbickler, Carol Hoffman, Toni Oliver, Richard Anderson, and John Poet





St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor – August 9, 2020


WELCOME TO CONTINUING SANCTUARY SERVICES!  As Facebook livestreamed services continue, so do on-site services—whether in the sanctuary or outdoors.  However, for everyone’s safety we maintain all health-safe precautions, including masking, social distancing, and ushering.

FOR THE SECOND AND THIRD AUGUST SUNDAYS OUR SERVICES WILL BE OUTDOORS UNDER THE OPEN TENT, weather-permitting.  Please bring a lawn chair, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask for mutual benefit and safety.  At St. Paul Church our goal is to keep everyone spiritually and physically healthy.

OUR TUESDAY MORNING ‘PARTY LINE’ BIBLE STUDY GROUP will be meeting at church this week at 10:30 a.m., reading and discussing the Book of Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 25.  If you would like to join this group, please contact Pastor Drutchas at the church office (313-291-1221).

THE LATEST SUNDAY SCHOOL BLOG can be found on the website under the Christian Education tab.  Today’s message is about a courageous, faithful, and persecuted Bishop named Polycarp.  A virtual Sunday School Zoom lesson will be offered at 6:00 p.m.  The story, message, craft and outreach ideas can all be found on the morning’s blog.  All parents/Sunday School children interested in participating should contact Pastor Schalm by 5:00 p.m. for information on joining.

OUR CONGREGATION’S ADOPT A GRANDPARENT program will continue through August.  If you are interested in participating in either of these programs please contact Pastor Schalm.

RALLY SUNDAY UPCOMING!  It’s time to rally the troops as we prepare to begin another year of Sunday school.  Our “2020 - 2021” focus will be, “nurturing the fruits of the spirit.” All families are encouraged to participate in this special service of “reengagement and activation.” Whether you decide to join us under the tent (weather permitting), or from your vehicle in the church parking Lot (station 105.3), we hope that you will be present for this special family rally service.  Following the service all families who pre-register will have the opportunity to partake in a scavenger hunt in a roped off area designated just for their family.  All registered families will begin at the same time and once all items have been found they will text Pastor Schalm.  The 1st family done will win a gift card to Dairy Queen.  Others will receive constellation prizes.  Individually wrapped donuts and juice boxes will be handed out to all participants.  All Sunday School families should plan to register their family by September 6th.  Please contact Pastor Schalm to do so.

YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY MEETS on Wednesday, 7 p.m. at Pastor Schalm’s home.  All post high-schoolers are welcome and encouraged to join.

THE FALL RUMMAGE SALE has been cancelled due to considerable challenges in maintaining a safe environment for both volunteers and patrons.   We look forward to resuming the sale when we can do so safely for everyone.

THE ANNUAL ST. PAUL WOMEN’S RETREAT is being planned for the first Saturday in October with social distancing and other health precautions built in.  Please speak with Michele McNeely if you would like to participate or would like more information.

CONGRATULATIONS to Betty Haggerty on her 95th birthday!

LET’S PRAY FOR THOSE PROVIDING EMERGENCY ‘FRONTLINE’ SERVICES as police officers, nurses, physicians, medical staff, EMS workers, and firemen during the ongoing pandemic.  We want to especially remember church members and friends: Kim Arndt, Wendi Wioncek Ashby, Rick Barnosky, Jennifer Babin, Rhonda Wioncek Berndt, Dana Wioncek Barlage, Chelsey Eisenga, Josh Eisenga, James Hubert, Debbie Lyles, Amy McGahey, Jarod MacZink, Marcie Magnuson, Sam Martin, Michelle Mellin, Brenda Murphy, Inez Kurtsel Ogonowski, Amber Ostrowski, Rebecca Ostrowski, Samantha Pedersen, Eric Poet, Trudy Clark Schiller, Rachel Tank, Emily Wangbickler Baggett, Jillian Wangbickler, and Sarah Wangbickler.