April 4, 2021 – Easter Sunday – Livestreamed and Sanctuary Worship

Easter Sunday - Livestreamed and Sanctuary Worship – April 4, 2021
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor, Michigan


PRELUDE  “Jesus Lives and So Shall I,” Organist, Sally Sigman



Pastor: Christ the Lord is risen!  He is risen indeed!

Congregation: Sing unto the Lord!  For he has done an excellent thing!

Pastor: Sing, O heavens and be joyful, O earth!  For the Lord has comforted his people.

Congregation: Thanks be to God!  He hath given us the victory. Alleluia!

OPENING PRAYER  Reverend Dr. Geoffrey Drutchas

ANTHEM  “Christ Arose!”  Tracy Hoffman, Music Director


CHIMES “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”

MORNING SCRIPTURE  Matthew 28:1-10; Colossians 3:1-2, 12-17

ANTHEM  “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,” Brenda Murphy and Tracy Hoffman

MESSAGE  “A Glad Day,” Pastor Drutchas

ANTHEM  “He Lives,” Tracy Hoffman and Pastor Drutchas


  Almighty and most merciful Father, we have erred and strayed from your ways like lost sheep.    

  We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts.  We have offended against

  your holy laws.  We have left undone those things which ought to be done, and we have done those  

  things which we ought not to have done.  But you, O Lord, are merciful.  Spare us, O God, as we

  confess our faults.  Restore us in our penitence according to your promises declared unto  

  humankind in Christ Jesus our Lord.  And grant, O most merciful God, for Jesus’ sake, that we

  may hereafter live a godly, righteous, and sober life to the glory of your holy name.  Amen.    



  One bread, one body, one Lord of all; one cup of blessing which we bless.

  And we, thou many, throughout the earth, we are one body in this one Lord!

Pastors Drutchas and Schalm

LORD’S PRAYER (debts, debtors) / DOXOLOGY


  Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise him all creatures here below;

  Praise him above ye heavenly host; praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.



, please remain seated until dismissed from your pew by an usher as a safety precaution for everyone’s benefit.  Weather permitting, you are invited to join in gathering outdoors to together sing “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing.”  For mutual safety also, all are asked to remain masked and social distanced.








Easter Lily Roster 2021
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor
In Honor & Loving Remembrance:

Mary Belles from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Frances Dekarske from Louise Stanek

Henry Dekarske from Louise Stanek

Frank & Lenore Fuqua from their family

Frank & Lenore Fuqua from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Fred & Mary Garrett from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Norris Hagen & Gertrude Hagen from Steve & April Clark

Dwight Herkimer from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Ralph Herkimer, Sr. from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Ralph & Edna Herkimer from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

Gail Holland from Jim Fraser

Viola Holland from Jim Fraser

David E. Mrowka from his loving wife, Sue

Clayton & Barbara Opificius & Lois Keith from the Kenosians

My Husband, Frank, from Sharon Podpora

My Son, Jerry, from Sharon Podpora

Jordan Schalm from Sheri Herkimer & Olivia Drapeau

The Schonfeld Family from the Kenosian Family

Darlene Spencer, loving aunt & sister of Wanda & Grace Wangbickler

Gaston St. Louis from Helen St. Louis

Wally Stanek from Louise Stanek

Edwin E. and Betty J. Steinhauer from daughters, Sue & Diane

Arthur Wangbickler, loving husband & father of Grace & Wanda Wangbickler



St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor – April 4, 2021


THANK YOU FOR WORSHPING WITH US onsite or from home via Facebook.  Our livestreamed service can be viewed at later times on Facebook.

OUR EASTER SERVICE AT 10 A.M. offers open communion for church members and friends.  At the close  of the service the lily-adorned Easter Cross will be carried outside and set in place in front of the church as the congregation joins in a single hymn, “O For a Thousand Tongues.” All are asked to remain masked and socially distanced on the front lawn.

OUR TWO NEWLY-CONFIRMED IN FAITH MEMBERS ETHAN HARD AND ANTHONY STATEN receive their first communion Easter morning.  Please remember them in your prayers.

HOLY WEEK WAS OBSERVED TONIGHT at St. Paul Church with a Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service in the sanctuary and a noontime Good Friday “Seven Last Words’ Service.  Both Facebook livestreamed services have also been posted on the St. Paul Church web site for viewing at your convenience.    

OUR SIXTH AND FINAL LENTEN FISH SUPPER was hosted on Good Friday, April 2.  250-260 suppers were served to drive-thu customers each time.  A big thank you to all who volunteered to help host the fish suppers and church members and friends who patronized it.   

IT’S CRUNCH TIME FOR THE LENTEN HAPPINESS CHALLENGE! Our Youth Fellowship & the Young Adult Ministry groups has finished up with their Challenge goals, seeking to alter the joy level of a hundred people this Lenten season.  But as Lent ends and the Easter season begins let kindness abound with all of us as we continue to share the love of the risen Christ with everyone around us. 

OUR SUNDAY SCHOOL EASTER EGG HUNT AND PARTY will be held today!  All children attending Sunday School on Easter morning are able to join in but parents have been asked to pre-register them by contacting Pastor Cheryl Schalm.  All COVID protocols will be followed to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

OUR ST. PAUL RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE is set for Tuesday, April 27, 1-6:45 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Give the gift of life Register at http://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html.find-drive.

FELLOWSHIP OF CONCERN: Linda Tank, Ollie Hilliker, Teri Staffeld, Pat Britt, Marguerite Dolan, Barbara Schultz, John Caufield, Shirley Gratrix, Bob Robinson, Sheryl Schwab, Clifford Board, Don Mack, Gary Peters, Judy Nieman, Joe Smith,  Bob Smarr, Jena Mellin, Glen Sigman, Dave Lange, Gerri Lyn King, Tyler Staten, Wayne Jones, Lil Roscoe, John Smith, Rosemarie Laslo, Eleanor Rossi, Neil MacEachern, Margo Charette, Maria MacZink, Christie Smart, Shirley Havenstein, Janice Schuman, Bob Barley, Kyle Hard, Bill McGahey, Wayne Jones, Oren Forsyth, Carrie Hill, Sue Spears, Bert Thompson,  Loretta Kurtsel, Roger St. Louis, Bob Wright,  Michael DePugh.
Condolences: Marjie Barnard on the passing of her brother, Roger St. Louis.