April 18, 2021 – Third Sunday of Easter – Sanctuary & Livestreamed Worship

Third Sunday of Easter – Sanctuary & Livestreamed Worship
St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor
April 18, 2021

April is ‘Child Abuse Prevention Month’

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Matthew 19:14


PRELUDE  “When God is a Child,”  Organist, Sally Sigman



   Pastor: The peace of Christ be with you.

   Congregation: And also with you!

CELEBRATION ANTHEM  “Standing in the Need of Prayer”

   Tracy Hoffman, Music Director, & Barbara Schultz

OPENING PRAYER  Pastor Cheryl Schalm

TRIPLE AMEN  Mrs. Sigman

ANNOUNCEMENTS  Reverend Dr. Geoffrey Drutchas

ANTHEM “Fill the World with Love.” Tracy Hoffman

MORNING SCRIPTURE  Psalm 127:3-5; Matthew 25:34-40

MESSAGE  “For the Love of Children,” Pastor Schalm

MORNING PRAYER  Pastors Drutchas & Schalm

LORD’S PRAYER (debts, debtors)

CLOSING ANTHEM “Strong, Gentle Children” Tracy Hoffman



Strong, Gentle Children

  1. Strong, gentle children, God made you beautiful,

gave you the wisdom and power you need; speak in the stillness

all you are longing for; live out your calling to love and to lead.


  1. Strong, hurting children, angry and terrified,

open the secrets your life has concealed, though you are wounded,

know you are not to blame; cry out your story till truth is revealed.

  1. Strong, knowing children; utter your cry aloud,

honor the wisdom God gave you at birth; speak to your elders

till they have heard your voice; sing out your vision of healing on earth.


At the close of the service, please wait for the Usher to dismiss your pew.





THANK YOU FOR WORSHPING WITH US onsite or from home via Facebook livestreamed at 10 a.m. every Sunday morning.  Also, services are later posted on the St. Paul church web site.  Look for them under the “Sermons, Bulletins, and Audio Services.”  If you missed it, the Sunday Easter Service is available for viewing.

AS MICHIGAN CONFRONTS ANOTHER COVID-19 SURGE, ESPECIALLY IMPACTING YOUNG PEOPLE NOT YET VACCINATED, our St. Paul congregation maintains safety protocols of masking, social distancing, and other sensible precautions for all activities.  Although we look forward to a time together when these precautions won’t be necessary, your cooperation and spirit of goodwill for everyone’s safety and well-being are appreciated—a reflection of our commitment as Christian men and women to care for each other and to be good stewards of our health--as God calls us to be every day for the sake of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors!



OUR SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN CONTINUE TO ‘WALK IN THE SHOES OF JESUS,’ sharing in games, a live, drama, and hands-on activities that recall how Jesus calmed a storm and can calm our life storms too. This week’s lesson will be posted to the Christian Education blog.

YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY CONTINUES MEETING WEEKLY at Pastor Schalm’s home, Wednesdays, 7 p.m.  All post-High School young adults are welcomed and encouraged to join.

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY meets telephonically at 10:30-12 noon weekly.  To share the call and the study please speak with Pastor Geoff Drutchas (313-291-1221).

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP MEMBERS WILL JOIN FOR AN APRIL 25th ‘BIKE AND BREATHE’ OUTING, starting with 12 noon lunch at Pastor Schalm’s home.  Youth will then bike to Willow Metro Park.  It’s a BYOB—'Bring your own bike’—but bike loans are available.  Please confirm your participation with Pastor Schalm by April 23rd.

OUR ANNUAL YOUTH FLOWER SPRING SALE IS TAKING ORDERSforms available online or from an usher. All flowers from Block’s greenhouses must be ordered by April 25th for May 2nd pick-up following the Sunday worship service.  Youth are needed to carry flowers to members’ cars--contact Pastor Schalm to volunteer.

OUR ST. PAUL RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE is set for Tuesday, April 27, 1-6:45 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Register at http://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html.find-drive.  For more information or sign-up assistance contact our parish nurse Kathy Williams.

FELLOWSHIP OF CONCERN: Arnold Knofske, Judy Nieman, Shannon Block, Bonnie Batchelder, Ollie Hilliker, Teri Staffeld, the DeAnna and Chris Frazier family, the Mary and Kyle Hard family,  Pat Britt, Marguerite Dolan, John Caufield, Shirley Gratrix, Bob Robinson, Sheryl Schwab, Clifford Board, Don Mack, Gary Peters, Joe Smith,  Bob Smarr, Loiva Drapeau, Glen Sigman, Dave Lange, Tyler Staten, Wayne Jones, Lil Roscoe, John Smith, Eleanor Rossi, Neil MacEachern, Carol Wioncek,  Linda Tank,  Maria MacZink, Christie Smart, Janice Schuman, Bob Barley, Bill McGahey, Oren Forsyth, Carrie Hill, Sue Spears, Bert Thompson,  Loretta Kurtsel, Bob Wright,  Michael DePugh.