Maundy Thursday -7:30 p.m.

Bulletin, worship service audio, and sermon text for this Sunday.

St. Paul United Church of Christ

24158 Goddard Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180-0190
Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas - Senior Pastor
Pastor Cheryl Schalm - Minister of Christian Education
Mr. Tracy Hoffman - Director of Music
Mrs. Sally Sigman - Organist
Ms. Cindy Romas - Administrative Assistant for Member Services

Maundy Thursday ‘Apostles Service’

April 18, 2019
7:30 p.m.

Order of Worship


 SILENT PRAYER (Silence reverence is invited)

 As you enter this evening, you are invited to light a candle and offer a preparatory prayer at  each of three prayer stations along the center aisle of our sanctuary.  The three prayer stations represent the Trinity—our belief as Christian men and women that God, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit are One and that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ and both are manifest through the Holy Spirit.


*PROCESSIONAL HYMN No. 340 “Softly and Tenderly”


Pastor: O God, we gather this night in your house to give thanks for the life of your son, Jesus, and to experience anew his presence in our midst.

   People: We remember, dear God, how Jesus shared a meal and prayed and sang with his apostles before he went to the cross, all to help fortify them for the spiritual challenges  ahead.

   Unison: As we together sing songs, offer prayers, and break bread in Jesus’ name, may we be similarly strengthened to stand as your faithful people in a troubled world.



A WORD ABOUT OUR SERVICE  Pastor Geoffrey G. Drutchas

 THE APOSTLES’ CREED (Unison, pew card) – Michelle McNeely,


 HYMN No. 425  “Let Us Break Bread Together” (Verses 1, 2)

 PART 3 - PREPARING FOR THE SACRAMENT – Pastors Drutchas and Schalm

At St. Paul Church we observe an open communion. You do not need to be a member of this congregation formally to share in the Lord’s Supper.  What is asked of each of us is that we come to this sacred meal with penitent hearts, seeking to walk more closely with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Our communion tonight is administered by pastors and elders in front of the altar above the chancel steps.  Each order of service received tonight includes the name of an apostle.  Please come forward to the altar to receive communion when the name of your apostle is spoken and a communion invitation extended as our service progresses.  Once you are gathered in a chancel circle with others who share your apostle’s name, the bread loaf will be passed to you and then the chalice.  Tearing a piece of bread from the loaf, dip and tincture in the grape juice that follows.  Once everyone has eaten, you will be dismissed in peace to return to your pew.

    Proclamation of God’s Love in Christ

    Confession of Sin/ Prayer of Consecration


    Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below.  Praise Him above ye heavenly host; praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.  


Matthew 23:1-12 – Jesus Warns Against the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees – April Clark Matthew 23:13, 23-24, 27-28 – Jesus Condemns Hypocrisy – Andrew Caruso Matthew 26:1-5 – The Plot Against Jesus - Eileen Vernor Drutchas

HYMN No. 628  “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” (Verse 1-2)

Matthew 26:6-16 – Jesus is Anointed at Bethany, Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus – Kathy Peters


HYMN No. 428 “An Upper Room with Evening Lamps Ashine” (Verses 1,3)

Matthew 26:17-19 – Jesus Asks His Apostles to Prepare the Passover Meal – Pastor Schalm Matthew 26:20-25, 33-35 – Jesus Predicts His Betrayal – Patricia Olson Matthew 26:26-30 – Jesus Institutes the Lord’s Supper – Pastor Schalm


 HYMN No. 196  “Go To Dark Gethsemane” (Verses 1-2)

   Matthew 26:36-46 – Jesus Prays at Gethsemane – Tyler Staten Matthew 26:47-56 – The Arrest of Jesus – Tracy Hoffman

 ANTHEM “Gethsemane Hymn”  Chancel Choir, Tracy Hoffman, Music Director


   Matthew 26:57-68 – Jesus Before the Sanhedrin – Tricia Nault Matthew 26:69-75 – Peter Denies Jesus – Helen St. Louis  Matthew 27:2-10 – The Death of Judas – Janet Staffeld

 HYMN No. 565 “If You Will Trust in God to Guide You”

   Matthew 27:1-2, 11-14 – Pilate Questions Jesus – Marjie Barnard Matthew 27: 15-26 – Jesus is Sentenced to Death – Brenda Murphy Matthew 27:27-31 – The Soldiers Make Fun of Jesus – Marjie Barnard

 ANTHEM  “Within the Shadow of the Cross,” Chancel Choir

 During our final somber anthem, the altar is stripped of all decorations, the cross is veiled and the lights of the Gethsemane window high above are extinguished.  The altar, which served as a table for our communion elements, now stands in its starkness as a reminder of the tomb in which Jesus was laid after his crucifixion at Golgotha—Calvary’s mount.

 CLOSING PRAYER (Responsive)

 Pastors: O God, keep us mindful of Christ’s anguish, passion, and sacrifice as the Lamb of God who takes away our sins and the sins of our world that we might have a fresh start and new life.

 Congregation: Help us, O God, to honor Christ by our devotion to you and our commitment to walk faithfully with him in spirit of compassion and righteousness— always.  Amen!


 After the candles are extinguished the congregation may depart in silence.  Fellowship and refreshments follow in the West Room’s Jerusalem Café