March 22, 2020 Posting

Greetings & Happy
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I hope you and the family are doing well and making the best of this less than ideal situation.  Just remember, no distance or life’s disturbance can keep God’s love from us.  My prayer is that you will enjoy your time with you children as you share this week’s, “Love Letter from God.”

Peace, Love & Blessings,

Pastor Schalm

THE STORY: The Creation Genesis 1

picture of treeIn the Very Beginning   

Close your eyes. Can you see the darkness?

Did you know that thousands and thousands of years ago in the very beginning, before God made the world, that’s what it was like? Just darkness. Then one magical morning, God said “Let there be light!” And just like that, the light came. Open your eyes. See the bright wonderful world that God made?

He made everything you see around you. He made mighty mountains and silver seas. He made green grass and tall trees. He made leopards that leap and eagles that soar. He made bees that buzz and lions that roar.
But there was one thing God made that was better than anything else. One day, God made people. People who could run and jump, people who could laugh and play, people just like you and me. He made a man named Adam and a woman named Eve, and he gave them a beautiful garden in which to live called Eden.

For six whole days, God worked really hard making our wonderful world. When God saw everything that he had made, a great big smile spread across his face because he knew that it was all really, really good. And can you guess what he did on the seventh day? He took a great big rest.


God wants us to take a day to rest as well. He wants us to take a day to focus on Him and to spend time with Him.  He wants us to take a break from all of our unnecessary, normal activity.  He wants us to focus on the things that He says really matter.

1.) What do you think some of those things might be?
(Spending time with God, reading the Bible, spending time with family, visiting extended family, enjoying His creation)

2.) God created everything that we need to live.  What are some of those things?
(Land, water, food: trees, plants, fish, animals, birds and man; one another)

3.) When God was all done creating everything, He said, “It is good.” Everything God made was perfect!   Why do you think that the world is not so perfect now?
(Sin: disobedience, pollution, greed, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, meanness- for which we all contribute)

4.) God created the world to be good.  What are some things that you can do to make the world a little more like God created it to be?
(Take care of the earth: recycle don’t litter. Be kind and nice.  Share with others.  Be happy for others, not jealous and treat others how you want to be treated.)

LOVE LETTER FROM GODpicture of little hearts

Dear __________________,
Do you like making things? Have you ever made something you felt really proud of, something you thought was so good that it made you smile? That’s how I felt when I made the world. I had so much fun! But do you know the very best thing I made? It was you! And guess what? I haven’t finished making you yet. As you grow up, I want you to become so amazing that everyone around you will smile, including me. So keep tuning in each Sunday and reading my very special letters to you.
With All My Love,

God Picture of big heart



I know the plans I have for you… I will give you hope for the years to come. (Jeremiah 29:11)


Supplies: scrap paper, pencils, crayons, markers

Purpose: to summarize the lesson in simple artwork

How to:  Give each child a small blank sheet of paper and a sharpened pencil, crayon, marker, etc. Ask them to place their initials in the top left and the bottom right corners.  Children must incorporate the lesson into a picture in which the capital letters are a vital part of a simple picture. Be creative!  Let them do it for their whole name if they want to!!

See example below.  The item does not need to begin with the letter. The letter just needs to “fit” into the shape of it.  The C fits into the shape of the sun and the S into the shape of the river.  Yes, those are fish Happy!


drawing of god made all things small


1) Keep a journal of all that you have learned and will continue to learn while being at home. Write down all the ways that you have and will continue to encounter God throughout your time away from school and activities. Write down how you see Him working in our world.

2) Keep a notebook with all your projects so that you can share them with your church friends once Sunday School begins again. We will have a huge celebration and sharing party!

3) Make cards for all the elderly people who cannot get out at all and who not have anyone else living with them. They are probably lonely! Have mom or dad drop the cards in the church’s mailbox located in the big driveway and I will drop them off at the doors of our home-bound. Let’s shine God’s love and light during this down time.
I can be reached any time on my cellphone (734)2550.


Dear God, thank you for the beautiful world You made.
Help me to do my part to keep it beautiful.
Help me also to think more about other people and less about the things I don’t have right now. ~Amen