July 05, 2020 Post

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I hope this holiday weekend finds you and the family enjoying some fun in  the sun and some good barbecue.  Summer time is always a great time to relax and reflect.  As we settle into another relaxing summer month, may we do so with grateful and loving hearts.  As freedom rings, let us praise our God from sea to shining sea.   Happy Fourth of July!

Peace, Blessings and Love,

Pastor Schalm




Wind and Waves

Glenys Nellist

It was a beautiful day on Lake Galilee.  Golden sunlight danced on the water.  A gentle breeze whispered softly in the air. Small waves rippled quietly across the water.  In the little boat, the disciples rested after a busy day’s work.  Jesus put his head on a comfy cushion ad closed his eyes.  All was peaceful, quiet, and calm.

Then, as if from nowhere, great gray clouds marched across the sky and pushed the sun out of the way.  The gentle breeze turned into a mighty rushing wind.  Those small rippling waves became big, bouncing waters. In the little boat, the disciples were scared.  What was happening?  An enormous clap of thunder boomed above, and the heavens opened as a bolt of lightning streaked down toward the little boat.  Now the disciples were terrified!  Their little boat rocked up and down as the mighty waves jumped over the deck.  They were going to drown!  Where was Jesus?  Surely He could save them.

Above the noise of the storm, the disciples thought they heard another, quieter sound.  That couldn’t possibly be the sound of someone snoring, could it?  But it was!  Jesus was fast asleep on that comfy cushion, and he was snoring – snoring while that mighty storm was raging all around them!

“Jesus! Jesus!” the disciples cried.  “Save us, save us!” Jesus woke up, stood in that little boat, and held his hand out over the raging waters.  He said two tiny words.

“Be still.”

And an amazing thing happened.  Those crashing, thundering waters became small waves again.  That mighty, rushing wind turned back into a gentle breeze.  Those great gray clouds scurried away and the sun slid back where it belonged.  The storm had stopped.

The disciples were amazed.  Who was this man who could calm the wind and stop the waves?  This man was Jesus, the Son of God.


“I will take hold of your hand ”  ~Isaiah 42:6




Sometimes things happen in our lives that feel like a storm.  And like the disciples, we might get scared and wonder where Jesus is.  It might feel like He is asleep and doesn’t care about what we are going through.


Review Questions

  1. How did the disciples feel when the storm came while they were in the boat? (Afraid.)
  2. Should they have been afraid? (No.)
  3. Why not? (Jesus was with them, and they should have known that He could help them.)
  4. Should we ever be afraid? (No.)
  5. We should never be afraid because we know that Jesus is with us and can help us.
  6. If Jesus could make the storm stop and help His disciples, do you think He can help you with your problems? (Yes.)

Jesus is powerful enough to help us with any problem.  He always hears our prayers and is always with us.




Dear ___________________,

Wow! How scary for those disciples to be in that little boat in the middle of a storm.  Are you ever afraid of storms, or of the dark, or of being alone?  Do you remember in that story how Jesus held out his hand over the water?

If you are ever scared, I want you to imagine Jesus holding out his hand to you.  Even though his hand might be invisible, it will still be right there, holding onto yours.  He will hold tight and never let go.  When you are afraid, remember- Jesus will be holding your hand.

Love ,





Jesus Calms the Storm Craft Materials:

Blue paper
White or Black paper (for background)
Brown Paper
Gray Paper
Thin Popsicle Sticks
White or light colored felt

Use whatever materials you may have available to model and make the craft above.





  • BLESSINGS CHART  Make a chart identifying all the days of the week. At the close of each day write underneath that day all the things you were thankful for.  Then say a prayer thanking God for all your blessings
  • BLESSING BEARER  Find a way each day to be a blessing to someone else. Do an extra chore to help out mom or dad.  Help a neighbor.  Call a friend.  Send a card or a note to someone.  Then after you list your blessings on your blessing chart, write down one way in which God used you to bless someone else.
  • ADOPT A GRANDPARENT.   Write a letter, or color a picture to one of our elderly church members twice a month.  That’s all you have to do to brighten someone’s day.  Have mom or dad email, call or text me for a name and address.


We can all do something to lighten the load of others during this time.  Be creative and share your ideas!

Pastor Schalm (734) 255-0935  / cschalm@stpaulucctaylor.org





Jesus, we praise You for being so powerful that You can even tell the storm to stop, and it listens to You. Help us to have faith and pray to You whenever we need help.    Amen.