February 21, 2021 Post

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“But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.”

 ~2 Corinthians 8:7 


I hope you and your family had a happy and healthy week.  In class on Sunday we will be discussing grace and forgiveness.  Through drama and hands-on activities we will be discussing the meaning of the Prodigal Son parable

If your child/ren are unable to attend the in-person class, the Sunday School lesson follows.  Simply adjust the lesson to meet the age of your child/ren and utilize whatever materials you might have at home.  I wish you and yours a blessed and healthy week ahead.

Peace, Blessings and Love,

Pastor Schalm



Parable of the Two Sons (Matthew 21:28-32) Lesson for Lent


Lesson Introduction

Begin by inviting each child to create two shoe nametag.  Provide the outline of a shoe on heavy paper or cardstock.  Instruct children to decorate, cut out, and write their name on the shoe.  The shoe nametags will be hung on the big shoe and one will be made into a necklace by adding holes with a hole punch and tying on a piece of yarn or string.

Discuss these questions:  What shape is your nametag? What do we need shoes for? “Walk His Ways” is our Lent theme.  Who is “his” talking about? What are some things we can do to “Walk His Ways”?


Game:  “Shoe Are You?” Each child removes one shoe and they are tossed into a big pile.  Everyone picks a shoe that is not their own, finds the owner, learns their name, and shares the answer to a question given by the leader like, “What’s your favorite color?” or “What grade are you in?” etc.  Several rounds may be played.  After last round, have children sit in a circle and put the shoes in a pile again.  The object this time is for everyone to find their own shoe and put it back on, but they CANNOT TOUCH their own shoe.  Debrief/discuss.



Story: The parable story is taught in this lesson using the following drama  script.  You may also want to read Matthew 21:28-32 from the Bible.  Use these follow-up discussion questions after the drama show:


Parable Drama Show:  The Two Daughters

Matthew 21:28-32

Materials: two female/one male (Can use 3 females – mom instead of dad)


Dad: (holding garbage) uh.  Ugh UGH!?!?!?  This garbage smells horrible and it weighs a ton!  Did something crawl in here and die?  P.U.!!!!  Jenna?  Julie?  GIRLS!  Where are you?
Jenna: Here I am, Dad!  Wanna hear my new song?  (sings obnoxiously and loud, something like “Tomorrow” from Annie or another song…)
Dad: (interrupts the singing) Jenna, Jenna, JENNA!??!?!  Your song is um…ah…..beautiful honey, but I need your help.
Jenna: Help?  What is it, Dad?
Dad: I’m running late for my meeting, but we have to get this garbage out of here before our whole house starts smelling like a toxic waste dump.  Could you just take the bag out to the garbage can in the backyard?
Jenna: What are you, crazy?  Future singing stars don’t do garbage, Dad.  Ewww!  What would that do for my image?  I can’t touch that smelly stuff.  No way!  Besides, I can’t take even a second away from my practice, not even a second! (begins singing again and goes behind curtain)
Dad: OH for crying out loud!  Julie, Julie, JULIE!??!  Get in here please!  Where are you?
Julie: (pops up with a big bubble, either gum or a balloon, and we can’t understand her words because of her bubble) sdakjkdffl;aksdfjakl!
Dad: What?
Julie: (still can’t understand here) arfjdlskafjsdklfj
Dad: (pops the bubble) Enough nonsense!  I need your help.  I’m super late for my meeting, this garbage smells just horrible, and your sister is too wrapped up in her silly singing to be helpful, so would you please just take this outside for me?  I have to go!
Julie: No prob, Bob!  I mean…Dad!  Get outta here.  I’ll take that smelly stuff to the garbage can.  You can count on me.
Dad: Thanks, Dear!  You’re the best!  I’ll leave the bag by the door.  (goes behind curtain) Seeya later!
Julie: Whatever…Now where was I?  I have to top the world’s largest bubble record.  I just have to!  (makes blowing noises, as she disappears behind the curtain)
Jenna: (returns, carrying garbage) Ewwww!  What is this still doing in here?  Maybe I can sing and take care of this smelly garbage at the same time.  Garbage can, here I come!  (sings song about garbage maybe? and moves behind curtain).

What happened?  Which daughter did the right thing?  Is it better to say you’ll do something or to actually do it?  I wonder how the father felt?  Do you ever say you will do things and not do it?  What do you do to help your family?  How do you feel when you’re helping others?


Art Activity: Help children write and draw coupons to give to family members, redeemable for caring, helpful things like: a hug, setting the table, folding laundry, reading a story, etc.  It may be helpful to brainstorm ideas for the coupons as a group before you begin the project.  While working on the project, discuss how these coupons could be walking his ways.  Ask whether the children think it’s more important to give someone a coupon or to actually fulfill what the coupon offers.

Prayer: Consider using a “repeat after me prayer” to close each of the Lent lessons.  Pause between every few words, allowing the children to echo what you have said.  Dear Jesus,/You are/so good./Help us/to walk/your ways/and serve others/as you would serve./Amen.