St. Paul Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
May 28, 2020


  • All activities continue to be suspended for the month May.
  • Office remains closed, please call (313) 291-1221 and leave a message, we check regularly, and someone will call you back.
  • All Sunday Worship Services have been moved to Virtual Services until further notice.
  • Live streaming will continue every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. utilizing Facebook Live. You can access this by "Following" our "St Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor" Facebook page.
  • Services may also be viewed on the Website at “” under the “Sermons, Bulletins and Audio
    Service” tab.

We will continue to provide updates as Federal and State requirements change.
Please continue to check the website on a regular basis for updates.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

In a recent pastoral call via telephone with church member Lindley Hogan, Pastor Geoff Drutchas got asked a question that was beyond anything he knew. Specifically, Lin, a former president of our St. Paul congregation who will be a healthy 100 years-old this coming June, wanted to know how COVID-19 got its name. He had already figured out the ‘19’ part. That signifies the year 2019 when this new coronavirus first surfaced. But sitting at home and following the news closely, Lin wondered how the rest of it came to be.
Pastor Drutchas did some quick internet checking on Lin’s behalf. It turns out that the World Health Organization (WHO) originally designated this new pandemic-spurring virus spurring as nCoV-2019. That’s a scientific-sounding abbreviation for “novel corona virus discovered in 2019.” But, borrowing first letters in a slightly different way, it soon morphed into the more simply stated COVID-19—i.e., COrona Virus Infectious Disease-2019. Contrary to what some have claimed, COVID-19 does not stand for “China Originated Viral Infectious Disease.” From past experience, the World Health Organization and other agencies have learned that the choice of monikers for diseases can harm as much as help. For instance, the stigmatizing name “Swine Flu” some years back made people wary of pork products and damaged the fortunes of farmers for years.
Just thought that, like our almost-centenarian Lin Hogan, you’d like to know.