Air Conditioning & Windows Completed

Building Our Future Finishes First Phase Project:

  Air-Conditioning and New Thermal Windows Installed

St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor

On June 30, 2013, our congregation celebrated the completion of the very first phase of our Building Our Future Plan—the installation of air conditioning for the sanctuary and several offices and rooms of our upstairs and downstairs facility, as well as new thermal windows for the entire front of our church building.  The occasion was marked with prayers of thanks, loud applause, and a special light-hearted visit from a guest who especially likes it cool.  The remarks that follow record the conversation between our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Drutchas and our visitor before the congregation.  The Photograph also capture the moment.



January 2016

Recently five new windows were installed in our Fellowship Hall, three new windows were installed in the St. Paul Court Yard and two new windows were installed in the Christian Education area (one in the nursery and one in the senior high classroom). The windows are the same type and manufacturer that were previously installed in the front of our building two years ago along with the air conditioning. The windows help to improve the overall aesthetics of our building and also help with our energy conservation program. Special thanks to Women’s Fellowship, Memorial Committee and Christian Education for contributing funds to help offset the cost of the windows.