August 02, 2020 Post

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”O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: because His mercy endureth  forever” ~ Psalm 118:1


I hope this morning’s blog finds you and your family healthy and well as we enter the month of August.  Despite the pandemic, the summer seems to be flying   by.  In a few short weeks our young people will be returning to school.

Without question, these past several months have been trying and unusual.  However, just as this week’s story and lesson reiterates, we are never alone.  Our God will never leave us nor forsake us.

I continue to miss you and to look forward to the day when we will gather together again.   Until then, take good care of one another and stay healthy and well.

Peace, Blessings and Love,

Pastor Schalm




Remember Me 

By: Glenys Nellist

          Jesus sat and looked at the long table where he would eat supper with his disciples.  A lovely large loaf of warm, crusty bread sat in the middle of the table.  It filled the whole room with a delicious smell.  Next to it stood a tall pitcher filled to the brim with fresh, cool juice.  Everything was ready.

Jesus looked at his precious team of twelve disciples as they sat around the table.  They had been so good to him.  They had followed Jesus wherever he went.  They had told so many people about God.  Jesus was going to miss them a lot.

Jesus knew that he had nearly finished his work on earth.  Jesus knew that even though he had done nothing wrong, there were still some people who hated him.  Jesus knew that soon, those same people would hang him on a big, heavy, wooden cross and leave him there to die.  But although Jesus felt sad about that, he felt happy that he had been able to show so many people just how much God loved them.

Jesus would never forget how God helped him calm a great big storm on Lake Galilee.  Most of all, Jesus would never forget his wonderful disciples.  But would his disciples forget him?  Jesus didn’t want that.  So he decided to make their last supper together very special.

Jesus picked up that warm, crusty loaf of bread, broke it, and gave a piece to each of his disciples.  As they ate it, Jesus softly whispered, “Whenever you eat some bread, I want you to remember me.”

Then Jesus picked up that tall pitcher of juice and poured some out for each of his disciples.  As they each took a sip, Jesus softly whispered, “Whenever you have a drink, I want you to remember me.”

What a special supper.  After that, every time those disciples ate some bread, guess who they remembered?  Jesus!  And every time they had a drink, guess who they remembered?  Jesus! Those disciples never forgot Jesus, and Jesus never, ever forgot them.

The day after their final dinner together, Jesus was sad, lonely and tired.  He slowly carried his big, heavy, wooden cross up to the top of the hill.  And when he reached the top, the soldiers took that big, heavy, wooden cross and nailed him to it.  They hammered nails through his hands.  They hammered nails through his feet.  They laughed at him and called him names.  They lifted that big, heavy, wooden cross.  They stood it up and left him hanging there.

Suddenly, the birds stopped singing.  The sun stopped shining.  The flowers hung their heads.  Darkness crept in without a sound and covered the world in its deep, silent shadow.  Jesus closed his eyes.  And then with a roar, the whole earth shook.  The mighty mountains trembled.  And God’s tears fell like raindrops from the sky.  It was the day that his Son, his one and only Son, Jesus, died.

God’s Wonderful Words to You

I will not forget you.  I will see you again.  Then you will be full of joy.
~Isaiah 49:15, John 16:22





1). Jesus knew his purpose on earth.  In addition to being a carpenter, He knew He came to the earth to teach God’s children right from wrong and to give his life in place of our sins, or mistakes.  He knew that was the only way to reunite God, who is perfect with His not-so-perfect children – you and I.  Because God and Heaven are perfect and without sin and darkness, no one with sin or darkness can enter Heaven.  If they did, they would contaminate it; much like we might contaminate others or be contaminated by the virus if we are sick or around others who are sick.  Jesus’ knew his purpose was to sacrifice his life; to trade it for the sins (bad things we say and do) of all mankind. 

What do you think your purpose in life is?  (We  have  varying gifts and talents that help us carry out our unique purposes; teachers teach; doctors & nurses heal; firemen, policemen, military keep us safe; business professionals run companies; bankers help us financially; athletes & performers entertain, etc.,) While we have unique purposes,  we also have a  shared and common purpose as Christians: To love and honor God, to love others like we love ourselves, to share God’s word with others, to serve others, to set a good example for others to follow, etc.

2). Jesus’ disciples then (his twelve) and now (mom, dad, and adults who confess their faith in Jesus) remember Jesus by the eating of the bread and drinking of the cup (taking communion).

 What are other ways we (to include you) can show and demonstrate that we have not forgotten Jesus? (We can pray and talk to Jesus.  We can read God’s word.  We can follow and obey Him.  We can tell other’s about Jesus.  We can follow His example.)

3) God and Jesus promised that they would never forget us or forsake (leave us on our own) us. 

What are ways that God and Jesus show us that they have not forgotten us? (They bless us with people who love and take care of us.  They bless us with food, water and everything we need to live.  They listen to our prayers and answer them according to what is best for us.  Jesus sent His spirit to live inside of us.)

4). Jesus was sad, lonely and tired and perhaps even scared because He knew what was going to happen to Him.  Do you think that Jesus gets mad at you when you get sad, lonely or scared? (NO, because He experienced it too, He knows how it feels.  He knows how you feel!  He cares and He has promised to always be there for you and to never leave you.  You can ALWAYS trust in Jesus to help you.)

5). Challenge question…. What did Jesus tell His disciples would happen three days after he was crucified (hung on the cross)?  What did happen? 





Did you know that all around the world, there are people who still share in that special supper, just like the disciples and Jesus did?  It is called communion.  Communion is a wonderful time when we eat bread and we drink juice or wine to remember Jesus.  And so if you ever share in communion, be sure to remember my son, Jesus – because guess what?  He will be remembering you!  Just like Jesus never, ever forgot his precious disciples, he has promised never, ever to forget you!

The day my Son died was the saddest day I can remember.  But shall I tell you a secret?  That was not the end of Jesus.  The day he died was not the end of the story.  This story has a very happy ending.  Jesus rose from the dead.  He is alive and living with me in Heaven

With So Much Love,





You will need : three pieces of construction or copy paper, scissors, glue and a marker or ink pen.

  1. Draw the cup and the plate on one of the sheets of paper
  2. Glue each onto the construction paper
  3. Rip a piece of paper into pieces and glue onto the plate (the bread)
  4. Color one of the sheets of paper purple and/or red. Rip it up and glue onto the cup.
  5. Write the scripture on your craft project like seen above.




  • MAKE A CARD for someone to show them that you remember them and will never forget them.


  • ADOPT A GRANDPARENT. Write a letter, or color a picture to one of our elderly church members twice a month.  That’s all you have to do to brighten someone’s day.  Have mom or dad email, call or text me for a name and address.


  • WRITE A LOVE LETTER to God! Tell Him what you are thankful for, how much you love Him and what you need help with.  Then read it aloud to Him.  He would love to hear from you!


We can all do something to lighten the load of others during this time.  Be creative and share your ideas!


Pastor Schalm (734) 255-0935  /




Dear God,

I am so glad that Jesus loves me and will never forget about me.  Thank you for sending Him to us.  ~Amen